Reliv Independent Distributor
 It's a Wonderful Reliv World
Welcome to my Reliv website! Twenty years ago I heard about Reliv on a radio ad. At the time I was living in Chicago and raising my four children on my own. I was constantly tired and grouchy and just not feeling well even though I was preparing healthy food for my family and exercising. I had tried many different herbs and natural remedies to try to gain some energy and nothing really worked. So when I heard about Reliv I thought it would be just another thing to try. But this time I felt better very quickly. Within two weeks I felt better than I had in fifteen years! I was so excited and so blessed to have found Reliv. I wanted my whole family to enjoy the benefits of this new found supplement so I came in at the highest level which is Master Affiliate. I knew that even if I did not sell a can I would consume the product myself and since there was a 90% buy back option. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Despite many people trying to discourage me from investing in a "network marketing" company I delved right in...and am I glad that I did because Reliv has never disappointed me and I attribute my continued good health and wellbeing to Reliv.

So I have not gone one day without Reliv in twenty years. And because I have a business where I can help others I am so proud and happy to be on the Reliv team. Over the years I have brought extra income into my home which has at one point kept me from foreclosing on a home. I also earned some wonderful bonus money and an all-expense paid trip to the Bahamas! This business can be whatever you make of it. The more you give the more you get. And there is a team of people who are ready to help you make it. So, if you would like to hear more about Reliv and start your own Reliv story...let me know and I will be happy to help and encourage you to feel better, live better and BE BETTER!